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Need a Bulletproof Business Valuation?

"I greatly appreciate the work Eric did on the Valuation of my company. It stood up in court. (April 2017) The Judge soundly admonished the Chartered Business Valuator who tried to contradict Eric's valuation. If someone needs confirmation and wants to speak to me, Eric has permission to release my number." (Julian)

Second Opinion on a Questionable Valuation?

"We find that most small business valuators concentrate on Asset, Market, and Income approaches developed in the  1970’s. These are generally easy to defeat in 2017 as most businesses are now made up of 50% or more in “intangible assets” these valuators neglect, or have no means, to properly measure.


When a small publicly traded TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) listed company needed a report on fair value to meet TSX requirements they turned to Eric Jordan...

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This is the key Point: If someone is presenting or proposing a valuation without taking these factors into consideration the valuation number is likely to be misleading and almost certainly not accurate for a small business.

  • Financials
  • Return on Investment
  • How has R&D been accounted for?
  • Shareholder Agreement (if one exists)
  • Value of Employees (cost of recruitment and training as a group)
  • Client Base and cost to rebuild
  • Value of Supply Chain
  • Value of Distribution Network if one exists
  • Internet Presence and Use (social network)
  • Dominance if any in the marketplace
  • Knowledge Base of Owner and Employees
  • Processes and Procedures Documentation (How well are all aspects of the company documented?)
  • Industry Averages
  • Lease Terms
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Risk
  • Opportunity
  • Liquidity
  • Leverage - Cost of money.  Is leverage applicable and if so at what risk?
  • Minority Interest (if applicable)
  • Special Interest Purchaser (Partners are also special interest purchasers as they have more knowledge, interest, and opportunity, with less risk than regular buyers.)
  • How well is the business/practice expected to function with changes in management? (if applicable)
  • Return on Investment is always my first and last consideration

How Financials Can Be Deceiving:
(This is the kind of practical solution offered by our system.)

Accounting for tax purposes is totally different than interpreting financial statements for Business Valuation Purposes. Let us give you just one example: (Think Partnership or Divorce)

For tax purposes R&D is an expense in the year the R&D occurred. For the purpose of an accurate valuation the R&D should be amortized over a period of 5 to 12 years. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

The financials must be normalized to reflect proper treatment of R&D. If we didn’t do this a company could spend 95% (or all) of the profit on R&D and might successfully claim the company to be worth very little for a short period of time. Perhaps not fraud but certainly manipulation, depending upon the purpose. (Divorce or other partnership)

Eric Jordan, President
Free consultation.
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For those who might want to look at
business valuation as a career?

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Profiles of some 2016 clients:
Most are in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto

  • Multi Million Dollar Distribution Business - Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Plumbing and Gas Business - Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Multi Million Dollar eco tour business - Valuation for purpose of expansion loan.
  • Law Practice - Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Lawn and Yard Maintenance business - Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Art Studio Franchise - Valuation for accounting purposes and CRA requirements.
  • Plumbing Business - Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Irrigation and Snow Removal Business - Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Large Retail Bakery - Valuation for purpose of sale to employee over 5 years.
  • Software Distribution rights in Canada - For Australian Parent Company (agency dispute.)
  • Janitorial Supply Business - Valuation for purpose of partnership dispute.
  • Tree Pruning and Lawn Business - Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Battery Distribution Business - Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance Company - Valuation for purpose of partnership dispute.
  • Blind Mfg. and Installation Company - Valuation for purpose of legal action in partnership dispute.
    This went to court on May 27, 2016 and resulted in our client receiving over 80% of the amount he sued for.
    Client is available as a reference.
  • Classic Car Renovation Business - Valuation for multi-million dollar lawsuit in Florida launched by Canadian partners.
  • Dance Studio - Valuation for purpose of establishing value for pending sale.
  • Cross fit GYM - Valuation for purpose of establishing a viable price for buyer to offer.
  • Jim’s Burger location in US - Valuation for purpose of divorce proceeding.
  • Two wholesale bakeries - purpose of the valuation was to find values so the companies could merge.
  • Sign Manufacturing Business - Valuation for purpose of a minority shareholder leaving company.
  • Landscaping and Excavating Company - Valuation for purpose of divorce.
  • Day Care Facility - Valuation to support litigation and negotiation for damages inflicted by City in zoning error.
  • Accommodation Business - Valuation for purpose of sale
  • Smoker Operation (8 pigs at a time in size) Valuation for tax purposes.
  • Flooring Business - Valuation for purpose of sale
  • Retail Wine Business (Franchise concept) - Valuation for purpose of sale
  • Prop Business - Valuation for purpose of Partnership Buyout
  • Spa and Hot Tub business - Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Computer Retail - Valuation for purpose of potential purchase
  • Music Composer Business (original soundtracks for documentary movies and videos) - Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Two Pharmacy Locations - Valuation for purpose of sale consideration.
  • Luxury Bed and Breakfast combined with Events Business - valuation for the purpose of sale.
  • Retail Sporting Goods Franchise - Valuation for purpose of purchase.
  • Diesel Repair Shop - Valuation for purpose of partnership dispute.
  • Cellular Repair Company - Valuation for purpose of internal planning.
  • Roofing Company - Valuation for purpose of partnership consideration.
  • Upscale Personal Services Company - Valuation for purpose of internal planning.
  • Specialized Wheel Business - Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Pool Building Business - Valuation for purpose of internal family planning.


Do you have a business friend who might like to learn Valuation?
5-25 years business experience a must.
Small investment required.

We have a business opportunity available for someone with at least 5 years successful business experience who would purchase our training and operate under license as an independent Business Valuator.  Being fluent in a second language may also be an asset. Call for details. 1 800 606 0310 or email Click the triangle below for an audio message and more information.

This can be an add-on business or a full time business operated from a home office. This is a relationship business. Everyone’s life is different. With this work you could choose to build your relationships with the accountants and lawyers in the eight nicer months; then work winter in a warmer climate with good Internet. You will need to fly out for two to three weeks of hands on training and the rest will be in your home town, on the job, phone, and Internet.

Trust Your Accountant and/or Lawyer

Show this information to your accountant and your lawyer. Ask them if they would refer clients to you if you were to take the training and work with us? Remember most of the work initially will done by us. I expect both your accountant and lawyer will tell you they could refer 1 to 3 clients per year. It is then a question of how many accountants and lawyers you can build relationships with. If you are not totally confident you could bring 12 to 15 clients in the first year you should not consider doing this.

Contact me for more information. I can send a valuation example and more details.
To be considered you must have at least 5 years of successful business experience.
If you truly enjoy learning and working with intangibles, this could be rewarding at many levels!

Eric Jordan (CPPA)
209 - 1027 Pandora Ave. Victoria, BC - 1 800 606 0310
Victoria - Vancouver - Edmonton - Calgary - Saskatoon - Regina - Winnipeg - Ottawa - Toronto
Fees range from $1,000 to $5,000 - Average $3,500

Business Valuator Services Available Across Canada 1-800-606-0310

Do You Want to Work in the Valuation Field?

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Become licensed to use our proprietary process in understanding the
25 most important Factors Affecting Value

How to value a Toronto business; the valuation or appraisal is a process.  Once we have all of the information we need, via the intake conference, your valuation report will be delivered to you approximately one week from the time we receive the financials, but could be prepared in as little as 48 hours in extreme circumstances. We refer to our evaluation as a Value Statement.


The view from an accounting perspective; relying on the the numbers created by the clients' existing accountant, then finding the real "normalized net income" through a proprietary process.

Changes have been made to the Municipal Code Chapter 19, the by-law which governs the establishment and operation of Business Improvement Areas in Toronto. In July 2011, Toronto City Council adopted amendments regarding starting a BIA, the BIA polling processes, proxy voting, board eligibility and board governance Business Improvement Areas are encouraged to keep on top of changes in the by-laws, regulations, urban design issues and other items of interest affecting their operations.

Develop your business plan
Before starting your business
Here are some resources to help you decide if entrepreneurship is for you.
A business plan is an outline for the development, execution and control of a new or existing business. Visit any Enterprise Toronto small business centre for one-to-one consultation on business plan development
Register your business
Access in-person, one-to-one support for business registrations, name searches and incorporation at all Enterprise Toronto small business centres,-ON,-ON ›Toronto jobs ›valuation jobs,+ca/l-toronto,+on;jsessionid=BLXxG+9khWNfmDMHBTBcuw__?Ntt=Small+business--Valuation.&Ntk=Subject_Search_Interface

Looking from the insurance viewpoint and assessing risk to buyer.

From the point of view of a resume broker; assessing the value of the
human capital involved in the business.

Understanding, assessing and estimating the intellectual property and proprietary knowledge that is transferred with the business.  Change of ownership and management does matter.
This is a 2 to 3 hour conference call that can include as many stakeholders as required.
As no two businesses are the same, the questions will vary.
Below is a list of some of the areas that we will cover.

(1) Why: What is the purpose of the valuation?

(2) Who: Value with whom owning and managing the business?

  • Your current value with current ownership and management?
  • Value with a new business owner with less experience?
  • Value with buyer like you with similar business management experience?
  • Value with an upscale buyer who has the financial ability to build on what you have accomplished in your business?
  • These WHO questions make a huge difference to the final appraisal.

(3) Normalized Net Income: I must understand what questions to ask to be able to determine the real 'Normalized Net Income.' This figure is seldom what you see in your year-end accounting, which is generally calculated to determine the lowest amount of tax legally payable.

  • Owners and families are often overpaid or underpaid depending upon individual tax situations.
  • What would the owner have to pay someone to fill his/her position in the business?
  • There are about twenty more normalizing questions that must be answered and these can be different depending upon the answers given to previous questions. This is where experience counts.

(4) Leasehold Improvements: These need to be covered regardless of whether the building is leased or owned.
It is important that the right questions are asked in any comprehensive appraisal.

(5) Hard Assets: Determining fair market value.
Book value means nothing if we want to know the true value of the business.

  • Business Equipment
  • Business Inventory

(6) Intellectual Property: Copyright, Proprietary Processes, Business Operation Manuals. These are your operating manuals; the step by step instructions on how to run your business and how to train others to operate your business. This greatly affects value; positively if it you have them and negatively if you don’t have them, and much more negative if it would not be possible for you to have a practical manual that would allow for your business to continue if you were unable to function.

(7) Value of Cash Flow: This is calculated by finding the normalized net income then multiplying it by a ratio determined by risk, opportunity, and the intellectual property affecting the means to produce.

(8) Soft Assets: Do you have intellectual property that has fair market cash value outside of your business?

(9) Risk: What are the possible risks to your business?
No appraisal can be completed without properly understanding risk.

Your valuation report will be delivered to you approximately one week from the time we receive the financials, but could be prepared in as little as 48 hours in extreme circumstances.

As you can well understand, no computer program, gross sales or other rule of thumb guessing techniques are going to be helpful for you in determining the real value of your business. In fact, these techniques could harm you. Valuation and appraisal is our full time business. We do a lot of business valuations.

How to Value a Toronto Business

Eric Jordan, President
Free consultation.
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(416) 639-6127

111 Queen Street E.
Toronto ON Canada M5C 1S2

Business Valuations / Appraisals
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How to value a Toronto business or price businesses in Toronto using valuation and appraisal principles - $1,000 to $5,000